Therapies I offer

Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative psychotherapy works to help you have a deep understanding of your emotions by looking at your past. Within a secure and understanding relationship where both therapist and client are active partners, a focus is on gaining self awareness through self-reflection, honesty, introspection and relational interaction.

It questions how your experiences as a child and young adult affected you in ways that might still be causing you issues now. We also look at your levels of sensitivity and atonement, how these can affect how you form and hold relationships with others.

Psychotherapy aims to find the very roots and beginnings of your issues and challenges, not just how to manage them now.
Integrative psychotherapy also involves exploration of self, looking at questions of identity and beliefs.

Here, these difficult issues can be deconstructed, explored, repaired and then reconstructed within a safe and attuned relationship


Counselling might reference your past. But in general counselling’s focus is on helping you with what you are experiencing right now.

Counselling is often what is called ‘time-limited’ or ‘short-term’. Because it’s shorter term, counselling can be quite structured.

The issues that counselling most often deals with are the things a client is currently feeling stressed by, whether that is the challenges they are facing on a daily basis at home or work or are traumatic circumstance such as a breakup, divorce or bereavement.

Counselling can also help with things like:

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is a non-intrusive and completely holistic method of diffusing emotional issues and reducing rates of stress in the body. It is a relatively new technique which is becoming widely more used and taught.

EFT can be described as emotional acupuncture, but without the invasive use of needles. Most problems can be partially or completely relieved in one session with this process, and the clients themselves can learn the technique easily for their own future use.

By its very nature, EFT is truly holistic, and for deeper, or more complex emotional issues can be used alongside Psychotherapy/counselling if requested by the client. As a therapist I find that the two combine well to give a gentle yet effective approach to working with deeper emotional issues.

“Then in a last desperate attempt to get help I found Sam, and in just a few short months she has flooded all the darkness in my life with warm sunshine and I feel like me again”